This year we have 22 wonderful learners in our Reception class. We have settled into the new year and are ready to begin sharing our learning on our class blog,

We love it when Josh comes in to share our playtime on tuesdays

Daily play is a fun and fantastic way to begin our learning.

starting with some of the highlights of our year so far.

Using iPads and iPods

This week we have been using the iPads and iPods to support our learning in mathematics and Inquiry.

In our ‘Weather’ Inquiry we used the Doodle Buddy app in our tuning-in session to share what we know about weather


Here are some of our weather pictures
Weather Doodles on PhotoPeach

In Mathematics we used the Bingo app in our Mental Routines to develop our subtilising, doubling and adding on skills in Number

We used the Ten Frame app in our Natural Mathematics Strategies sessions to practise subtilising, counting-on and doubling numbers and to help us find ‘Rainbow Facts'(numbers that go together to make 10)


Last Thursday we joined our Buddies and went down to the oval for our Athon session. We had fantastic fun working through the fitness stations and then completed as many laps of the oval as we could. We hope everyone raised lots of money for new iPads and computer equipment for our school.
Take a look at our happy, smiling faces in the photos, below, taken during our activity session!

Athon on PhotoPeach

Outside Shared Play

On Thursdays when the weather is beautiful outside we love to take out the play boxes and sport equipment and join in shared play with the reception and Year 1 children in Rooms 20 and 21. We spread out across the sand-pit, basketball court, and paved areas around our classes and have a wonderful time playing and learning together.

Outside Shared Play on PhotoPeach

Collaborative Learning

In our class we enjoy working together and learning from each other.
During the day we have lots of opportunities to work in groups, with a learning partner, with peer tutors and with our older Buddies from year 4.
Here are some of the ways we work and learn collaboratively.

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Adelaide Crows Healthy Eating and Fitness Clinic

We all had a fantastic time learning about eating good food and getting plenty of exercise to help our bodies grow strong and healthy. Claude, the Crow’s mascot, came along to the assembly and did some crazy dancing for us.
Everyone excitedly joined in with all the activities on the oval.
We practised some footy skills and learnt more about different types of exercises to build healthy hearts, good coordination, balance, and strong muscles and bones.

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Hullabaloo at the Zoo

Guided Reading

Each week we focus our guided reading on a big book and explore many aspects of the story
and text features to develop our print concepts. We look for our tricky words, punctuation
markers (eg. commas, full-stops, quotation, exclamation and question marks) and clues from
the pictures and text to help us read and comprehend the story. We look at strategies such
as sounding out and chunking to help us work out unfamiliar words, and practise reading
with fluency and expression.

“Hullabaloo at the Zoo” by author Jill Eggleton was great fun to read. The book has
fantastic illustrations and uses lovely descriptive words that entertain young readers
and helps them connect with the characters. We loved using different voices when we
were reading the speaking parts.